Madrid, Spain

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Madrid, Spain

Fast Facts - The capital of Spain since 1562, Madrid is located at the geographic center of the Iberian Peninsula. - It is a modern metropolitan city and an economical and industrial center of Spain, and, with its population of nearly 3,5 million people, is also the biggest city in Spain.


This is the main site!

This is what the local food looks like.

There are many dishes of lamb and veal, but - perhaps a bit surprising considering its geographic location - Madrid is a real paradise for the lovers of any kind of fish.

Their stadium is called Bernabéu, and is located in Chamartín in the North of Madrid. The capacity is 85,000 spectators.

Spain is is home to the Spanish Royal family as well as the Spanish Government.

It has the second biggest fish market in the world (behind Tokyo), and as well in shops as in many Restaurants you will find an ample selection and extraordinary quality.

This is the Coat of Arms!

Travel video about destination Madrid in Spain.Madrid is Europe's most elevated metropolis, a royal capital of history, outstanding buildings and cultural treasures.


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