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Full Name: Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone

Told Vanity Fair Magazine, "You will never know the real me. Ever."

The NinetiesShe entered the 90s with the Blonde Ambition World Tour which was made into the biography "Truth or Dare". In 1994 she came out with her single "Take a Bow" which ended up being the biggest single of her career.


Madonna is in the Guiness World Records for the best-selling female recording artist of all time.

She became an 80s sensation from her debut track "Everybody" in 1982. Her inspiration was Marilyn Monroe. Since then she has sold over 300 million records and CDs and has starred in many films. She also claims the 2nd longest string of consecutive Top 5 hits.

Films:"Truth or Dare" (1991) "A League of Their Own"(1992)"Body of Evidence" (1993)"Evita" (1995)"I'm Going to Tell You a Secret" (2004)

A New DecadeIn the 2000s, Madonna decided to reinvent herself. She started to become more consumed with family life, but not for long. In 2003, she published her first of many children's books. In 2004, she went on the road again with the Re-Invention World Tour. Shortly after a film biography was made of the tour called,"I'm Going to Tell You a Secret". In 2006 she went on the Confessions of a Dance Floor Tour. Later in 2006 her music video for "Hung Up" received 5 MTV nominations.

At first, Madonna dreamed of being a professional dancer.

Song: Give Me All Your Luvin'Album: MDNAYear: 2012

Madonna signed with Sire Records in 1982 which was her label for 14 years. She had seven #1 hits from 1984-1989. And throughout those years 3 #1 albums. In the 80s decade, she had 20 singles charted.

Significance:She was the 1st multimedia pop icon and was always mixing things up and re-inventing herself which made her an inspiration to young girls everywhere.


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