Madison Klair National Parks

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Madison Klair National Parks

Animals in our local national parks are dying and getting sick

Help protect animals!!

Some of the problems are *Drilling for oil*Lack of funds for resource protection and research If we lose animals it will also affect plants

National Parks provide some of the best remaining habitat for many wildlife species, but the population is not healthy enough and the parts are not large enough.

The burning of oil and coal and other fossil fuels results in global warming affecting temperatures, precipitation, and storm systems, which will affect migration patterns and the habitat.

By: Madison Klair

Who should be concerned?People who work at the national parks and people who visit the national parks. What can we do to help?We can be careful with throwing trash on the ground

What is being done?People are not feeding the animals

Power plants near national parks are polluting the air and hurting the animals

Who is involved?People who visit parks and the workers at the parks



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