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Madeleine de Vercheres

IroquoisThe Iroquois, also known as the people of the longhouse is a native group of North America. They are a warrior tribe and one of the most powerful native groups. This confederacy was made up of six nations (Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca, and Tuscarora). They were very big rivals of the Algonquin native group. The Iroquois always dress in animal skin and wear necklaces of shell beads and animal teeth. I guess they dress like any normal native group. The men hunted deer for food. They also grew a load of crops such as corn, beans and squash. One of their favorite foods to eat is corn cakes, which is made by shaping the corn into small round balls and then baking them.

Later lifeMadeleine’s father died on February 16 1700 and ever since, madeleine had to manage the fort by herself. She had her first marriage in 1706 at age 28 and married Pierre Thomas le Tarieu. They both moved to Quebec where Tarieu lived and worked. Madeleine’s seigneury was then transferred to her new husband. Sadly Marie-Madeleine de la Perade died in 1704 at age of 69 and she was buried beneath her pew in Sainte-Anne de la Parade

Madeleine de Vercheres

Claim to FameIn November 1692, the Iroquois attacked settler’s homes. Madeleine was in charge of the fort due to her parents leaving the fort to go on a business trip and to gather winter supplies. Madeleine was outside in her garden quite close to the fort until the Iroquois came running through the forest and charged right at the settlers. Madeleine made it into the fort with a few seconds to spare but the Iroquois still caught the settlers who were working in the fields. She told everyone in the fort to make as much noise to make the Iroquois think there are many soldiers. Madeleine also got her gun and started shooting from place to place. Madeleine told one soldier to fire the cannon to warn other forts of an attack and to call reinforcements. The Iroquois hoped they can take the fort but they could not stay because they had no weapons and couldn’t protect themselves from the cannon. Even though the Iroquois left, Madeleine still guarded the fort all day and did not sleep that night. The reinforcements finally arrived but just after the Iroquois had left. They then followed the Iroquois’s tracks and found them at Lake Champlain. Only two of the settlers were killed and the others were sent back to the fort. When this happened, Madeleine’s parents had returned from their trip. From there on in her story went down in history.

Childhood Marie-Madeleine Jarret de Vercheres was born on March 3 1698 and was the 4th child out of 12 children. She lived in a house near the St. Lawrence River which was protected by a fort. When Madeleine was little, she played outside with children who were too young to work. She wore simple clothes which were made out of wool and linen, while her shoes were made out of leather. She did not go to school because there was no school nearby but her mom still taught her how to read and write. When Madeleine grew older she helped in the garden and with chores. She enjoyed hunting and loved to explore a forest near their home. I say Madeleine was a very helpful and energetic girl

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Did you know, Madeleine was only 14 years old when protecting the fort from the Iroquois ?