Made in Singapore

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Made in Singapore

In life, nobody is too small to help. As a citizen, I realise that I can contribute to society by working hard throughout my life. We may be small but that doesn't mean we cannot do great things. In fact, some of Singapore's inventions are done by a single individual. I have a rather ambitious mind and since young, I have always wanted to create something new. Ranging from creating a high-technology game to inventing a medicine, I have many crazy ideas running through my mind. However, I am rather sure when I recently have the thought of creating a software that allows you to make your own custom board game. Recently, I had this idea of creating a board game to let students learn better in Accounting,. I created a hardcopy of it but I was advised to create a softcopy version of the game because of the technology era today. I want to remind myself that though I am from Singapore, a little red dot, that doesn't mean I will never create such great things in life. Therefore, as a citizen, I can contribute as much as I can, and if possible, create something new to improve the lives of others

Made in Singapore

ThumbdriveThe thumbdrive was invented by Trek 2000 International Ltd, Singapore, in the year 2000. It has become a common media storage device for everyone around the world.

Paktor, an online dating appThe app Paktor was found in July 2013. It is an online dating site and it aims to connect people in Asia through technology.

BProDoctor Ting Choon Meng invented the BPro, which is a device resembling a watch that can monitor a person's blood pressure for 24 hours. Because of this, doctors can now better assess the impact of high blood pressure treatment on their patients. People with high blood pressure can also monitor their blood pressure all day long to see how their lifestyle affect their blood pressure.

I chose this box because I feel proud knowing that there are Singaporeans who invented various products to benefit the world. I would like to learn more about the inventions by these Singaporeans. Some may say, Singapore is just a small red dot. However, being small does not stop us. Also, some say that quality exceeds quantity. That is quite true. Though we are small, we are a good country have have made significant progress throughout the years. By the way, I like the thumbdrive. It makes my life easier especially when I need to transfer files from one device to another.




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