[2017] Makayla Thieman: Maddie Ziegler Glog

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[2017] Makayla Thieman: Maddie Ziegler Glog


Maddie and her younger sister Mackenzie wearing matching outfits

Maddie and her family

Maddie dancing when she was 2

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At age 2 Maddie started to be on the show Dance Moms. Abby Lee Dance Company was the studio that Dance Moms was filmed at. Maddie was the first girl to be on top of the dance pyramid on Dance Moms. The pyramid is how Abby Lee ranked the girls on their dancing. If you were on top of the pyramid then you were doing very good. Maddie danced to a song named "Angels" in season one of Dance Moms. This solo was Maddie's moms' favorite solo of hers. Maddie had the opportunity to be in the Todrick Hall "Freaks Like Me" music video while she was still participating in Dance Moms. When Maddie was younger she danced forty hours a week, which is a lot for a girl her age. She stayed at the dance studio until 8:45p.m or 9:45p.m. Maddie is a more experienced dancer than most adults. Her strongest dance is tap but she also likes lyrical. She was honored with a Junior Scholarship from ALDC in 2012. Maddie was also offered to do a summer dance program at Joffrey, but she decided to stay for the filming of Dance Moms. She took singing lessons at Abby Lee Dance Company along with dance. People are always amazed by her incredible dance moves. If you haven't figured this out already, ALDC is short for Abby Lee Dance Company. Abby Lee Miller is the owner and choreographer at ALDC. Maddie and the other girls are not paid to be on Dance Moms, but they love dance so that’s why they do it. When the moms are watching the girls, including Maddie, they are only watching it for the sake of the show. They never stay to watch for casual days. Maddie was thirteen when she left Dance Moms. She loved being on Dane Moms but she thought her life was less stressful before. Maddie was born in 2002 and has accomplished so much in her life time. She has been in multiple music videos, not to mention one of the stars on Dance Moms. Maddie appeared on one episode of the hit show Pretty Little Liars. She has also had the wonderful opportunity to be in Sia's music videos. Sia asked Maddie to be in her music videos by talking to her on Twitter. Being in Sia's music videos has made Maddie as famous as she is today. She is the lead dancer in the music videos for Sia. Maddie has an amazing body guard named Kipper. Maddie is on a very high scale in pop culture because of Dance Moms and her great success in all the music videos she's been in.

People Style Magazine had the first look at Maddie's new clothing line. Maddie was very excited to start a clothing line and announced she was doing it on a Thursday. She explained to her 7.7 million followers on Instagram that she was going to start a clothing line. Her amazing, (in my opinion), clothing line is called Maddie'. Maddie was thirteen when she started her clothing line. " It's all about loving how you look every day," says Maddie according to her budding designer. Maddie thinks that children's clothes are something she would never wear or they would be to small on her. She also believes that no one should feel restrictive, only comfortable in what they are wearing. The collection of clothes are available in Nordstrom stores. These clothes are perfect if you are a dancer which means you are definitely able to dance in them. The line includes 90's- style clothes which are now in style. The prices for the clothes in the fall range from $25 to $150. The clothes are in sizes 7-16 for girls and 1,3, and 5 for juniors. One of her favorite pieces is the flannel shirts. One of her second favorite items is the bomber jackets.

Maddie Ziegler was born on September 30, 2002. She grew up in Pittsburgh PA with a wonderful home with a wonderful family. Maddie has three siblings who love her very much. Her sister's name is Mackenzie Ziegler and her step-brothers' names are Ryan and Tyler. Maddie's mom, Melissa, signed her up for dance classes at a local dance studio. Maddie is fourteen right now and has been dancing since she was two years old. Her favorite type of dances are lyrical and tap dance.

Maddie with her dog

Maddie in a red heart shirt

Maddie in a pink dress

Maddie in a flower dress

Maddie in her bomber jacket

Maddie in her Sia outfit

Dance Moms in words

The name Maddie in words

early life/family

clothing line

Dance Moms/music video


tap shoes

Maddie and her dog

Maddie doing a pirouette

Maddie shaking her head

Sia-Chandelier music video



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