Madame Geofrrin

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Madame Geofrrin

MADAME GEOFRRIN(Enlightenment Poster)

Madame Geoffrin (1699~1777)

Do not allow grass to grow on the road of friendship - Madame Geoffrin.

Central Salon

Facts1.Madame geoffrin was born in Paris in 1699 and died at the age of 78 in 1777.2.Madame geoffrin was so famoust she was seen writing letters back and forth to Voltaire and other famous people.3.Madame Geoffrin had a nick name and it was "The woman of the salon", because she was an French Enlightenment Salonnierre.4.She is known in Europe for: being recognized to support the influential era of the Enlightenment.5.She demonstrates the importance of women at 18th century.

Important EventShe gave birth to 2 childrens, but one of her child passed away at the age of 10.The years following his death was when Madame Geoffrin started becoming an active Parisian citizen, at the age of 50. She is best known for her nickname "The woman of the Salon", because she was an French Enlightenment Salonnierre.

InterestingsFactSalons were buildings where french enlightenment thinkers could gather and share an ideas.

A reading in the Salon of Madame Geoffrin.

In her twenties, she began apprenticing at the salon of her neighbor, Madame de Tencin.


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