Madame Geoffrin

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Madame Geoffrin

quotes"We should not let grass grow on the road of frienship."Madame Geoffrin had a very strong oppinnion on lots of things. Especially education. She saw education as a very important thing and very much wanted to promote it.

Madame Geoffrin was born on June 26 1690. Madame Geoffrin was from france. She was also a very wealthy woman and hosted the salons in her house/manssion. Madame Geoffrin was exposed to many oppinions and piont of veiws. Though her religion is not clear, I belive that she didn't have a certain religion sense she was exposed to so many. She was also very posotive about education and wanted very much to promote it.

Madame Geoffrin




madame geffrin was gentry. She grew up in a very rich family. She was also a very impowered induvidual. Despite being privleged in many ways, she still had many oppinions.


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