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Madam CJ Walker

Madam C.J. Walker (full name: Sarah breedlove McWilliams walker) was born on December 23, 1867 as a daughter of slaves on the Robert W.Burney's Madison Parish farm plantation in Delta, Louisiana. She had 5 siblings growing up, she had her older sister louvenia and her brothers Alexander, James, Solomon, and Owen junior. She was the first and the only one of her siblings to be born when slaver was demolished in the south. At age 7 her parents Owen and Minerva breedlove died leaving her older sister and Sarah to work on the plantations in Mississippi. Once she moved to Mississippi with her sister at age 14, she married Moses McWilliams to escape her step-brother's wrath. At the age of 17 she gave birth to her first and only daughter a'lelia. Shortly after her daughter turned 2 and breedlove was 20, Moses dies of unknown causes.After the tragedy Sarah and her daughter moved to St.Louis, Missouri where her 4 brothers there worked as barbers. She took a job as a laundress and worked long hard hours to pay for her daughter's education. By the age of 30 she began to notice her hair was falling out in noticeable places on her head. Embarrassed by the way she looked; she experimented with different chemicals to try to get her hair to grow back. By 1905 she finally did it. Her miracle serum brought back her hair and made it long and beautiful. Hoping to share her discovery with the world she renamed herself "madam" C.J Walker and began to sell her product door to door called "Madam Walker's Wonderful Hair Grower's". she not only used this product to grow hair but also prevent terrible scalp disease in the process of setting up her own business Madam C.J. walker moves to Denver, Colorado and she remarries to a newspaper writer Charles Joseph Walker.As she began promoting her product, she began to hire many people to promote and sell her product, called hair culturists to go to people's houses. Eventually walker's business began to grow and also needed more space so she moved herself to a new office in Pittsburgh in 1910. As she did this she began to hire black Americans from America and the Caribbean who couldn't find better work than cooks and servants.As the time went she began to become rich with a payroll of$200,000. This was rare for women in this time, plus for a black American too. Despite her big fortune she gave some of her money away to charity and the NAACP and the YMCA for colored people. She also used this money to give 6 Tuskegee university students scholarships.Walker then moved to new York where she built her mansion but later died of kidney failure at the age of 51.decades after her death her business still kept thriving under the new ownership of her daughter a'lelia walker until they had to close their doors permanently to the plant in 1985 thus ending the dynasty of Madam C.J. Walker.


Timeline1865-End of civil war1867-Sarah Breedlove was born1881-Marries Moses Mcwilliams at age 141885-Her only daughter A'lelia is born1887-Moses Mcwilliams dies1890-Suffered from scalp ailment & created her miracle serum1905-Changed name to"Madam C.J. Walker"& marries newspaper writer Charles Joseph walker&she became a sales agent for another black hair entrepreneur named Anne Malene, soon after began her own buisness called "Madam Walker's Wonderful Hair Grower"1908-Opened Lelia College to teach young black women proper hairstyle skills1910-moves "Madam Walker's Wonderful Hair Grower's" headquarters to indianapolis1912-1914 Walker provided scolarships for six Tuskagee University students1916-moved to New York to expand her buisness1919-Madam C.J. Walker dies from kidney failure & A'lelia Walker inherited her mother's hair care and beauty empire

in the guiness book of records she was the first female african american buisnesswoman to become a billionaire on her own from the ground upshe created a complete line of haircare products for black women in americashe also had 2 monuments dedicated to her after her death,The Villa Lewaro in New York, and the Madam Walker Theater Center in Indiana.madam cj walker established the role of buisnesswomen in the 20th century on cosmetics and hair care

Lasting Impact

she created hair products that not only prevented hair loss and promoted healthy scalps but she also revolutionized the personal hygine and grooming for all black women. she also showed us that the ony thing that matters is the amount of effort you put into something you want to accomplish, not the race,gender or the amount of money


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Madam C.J. Walker



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