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Unlike a few countries in need, Madagascar is really trying to solve their problem. Scientists have been researching how to best collect and keep water in environments of little rain.

Lack of Water More than half of the children under the age of 5 die from diarrhoea due to lack of clean, fresh drinking water. Skin infections and respiratory diseases are also common due to a contaminated water supply.


People searching for water

Trying to set things straight!

WaterAid has already made millions of peoples lives a whole lot easier and more comfortable by providing countries with technology that collects and sanitises water more efficiently than conventional methods.

11 million people living in madagascar don't have access to clean drinking water and the effects are immense. Water is one of the vital things humans need to survive and im madagascar they aren't gettting enough of it.

Madagascar Island

By Alex Fitzsimmons 8F

Most of the water in Madagascar is undrinkable

Due to the lack of clean drinking and sanitation water, kids are always staying home sick which is having a huge impact on their education.

WaterAid is a NGO devoted to help countries with little clean water.

Citizens of Madagascar are fed up with the lack of fresh drinking water and are doing everything they can to preserve the water they have. Local Water Management Councils have been set up in the major towns and have had a big impact. Townsfolk now aren't dying as frequently from dehydration and there is more water to go round thanks to the one bucket policy. There is a well or water pump in town and each family can fil their bucket with fresh water for the day.


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