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Social Studies

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French came to be when the Portuguese came and found Madagascar. The sailors and pirates often traded with them there. The French decided they wanted to take over, once they did they forced their Queen into exile.




MadagascarRepublique de Madagascar

Food: Meals served without rice are incomplete. So every meal has rice. Most dishes are served with a type of meat or fish. They also inlcude steamed vegetables on the side as well. Families take awhile to eat. They start at 7 AM for breakfast, Lunch is at 12 PM, and dinner is most likely served at 7 PM. Traditions&Customs: So in Madagascar, they take death very seriously. When one of their loved ones die, they treat them with the most respect out of anyone. They truly belive that the dead have a big impact on the living.Religion: About half of the Malagasy people believe in indigenous beliefs that acknowledge the existence of a supreme being, called Andriamanitra or Zanahary. Festivals/Holidays: An important holiday celebrated is Martyrs' Day which is on March 29, where people honor those killed when French troops suppressed the 1947 insurrection.Claim to Fame: Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. And this country is still booming with more to come. One famous attraction is Manjakamiadana, the Queen's Palace.

Population: 23,812,681Capital: Antananarivo Other: Mahajanga and ManakaraLanguages: French & MalagasySize: 587,041 square km 226,657 square kmGeography: Southern Africa, island in the Indian Ocean, east of Mozambique. Narrow coastal plain, high plateau and mountains in center. tropical along coast, temperate inland, arid in south. Government: Republic President: Hery Martial RAJAONARIMAMPIANINAPrime Minister: Jean RAVELONARIVOCurrency&Economy: agriculture. Chief Products: coffee, vanilla, sugarcane.Chief Industries: meat processing, seafood, soap. GDP: $14,000,000,000 USDGDP per capita: $870 USDUnemployment Rate: 3.6% Poverty Level: 75.3%Currency: Malagasy FrancsCurrency Mode: MGF

Fun Fact!

In Madagascar, they don't take vacations. They don't have the money or time because they work so much. The only vacation that they take is to visit their family but that is about it.

The Madagascar Flag!

Madagascar on world map!

Island Of Madagascar

Madagascar with the capital and other cities!

InfographicMedian Age: 19.4 yearsSchooling: 10 yearsLife Expectancy: 65.55 yearsFertility Rate: 4.2 children born/women


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