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MovementBefore, all exports and imports were brought in and out of Madagascar by boat. Nowadays, most of them are brought in and out by planes. The main imports are things such as pertroleum and food products. The main exports, are foods such as coffee, vanilla, cocoa, sugarcane, bananas and most of all rice.

H.E.I.The most common grown crops are rice, maize, potatoes and bananas. Rice is the most common export from Madagascar. The tribe who has the most efficient way to grow rice is the Betsileo. They construct kilometers of rice paddies along mountain sides. The element that is the most mined in Madagascar is ilmenite. It is a type of rock and its it greyish black. The major environmental problems in Madagascar are deforestation and erosion. Every year, humans cut millions of trees in Madagascar.

LocationMadagascar is an island located 250km off the South East coast of Africa. Its absolute location is 20°S , 47°E. Madagascar is surrounded by the indian ocean, therefore when the english took over Africa, many africans moved to Madagascar as refugees to not become enslaved by the english.

RegionIn Madagascar, there are 20 different cities/states. It is located in south east africa 250 km away from the african shore. Its climate is tropical, meaning humid and warm. It is a francophone country. The form of government of Madagascar is semi-presidential. It is part of the African Union and its main religion is christianity.

The ring tailed lemur is the national animal of Madagascar

PlaceThe climate in Madagascar is very straightforward ; from november to april it is hot and very humid, and from may to october the weather is very dry and it is chilly. Madagascar is not at all flat and vast, in fact it is extremely mountaineous and many rivers and lakes can be found. In all, there are 21 different tribal groups, although the 3 main ones are : 1. Merina11. Betsimisaraka111. BetsileoIn Madagascar, there are two main languages ; french and malagasy, of course there are many other tribal languages but french and malagasy are the most spoken. There are a wide variety of animals, such as 40 different species of lemurs, brds, snakes and even crocdiles in some of the lakes. Madagascar's plant life consists of : bamboo, prairie grasses, plam trees and screw pines. The main religions are traditional ancestor worship, although there are also many christians and even some muslims in north west Madagascar.


Cargo ships heading to Madagascar

The Island Of Madagascar

The City Of Antanarivo

Short Video On Madagascar


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