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Because Madagascar has been isolated from the rest of Africa for so long, many new species haveevolved there. About 80% of the animals found in Madagascar do not exist anywhere else on Earth.

Languages: French, MalagasyReligions: Indigenous beliefs, Christian, MuslimPopulation:17,308,000Area:587,041 square kilometers (226,658 square miles)

Madagascar is about the size of Texas. National anthem: "Ry Tanindrazanay Malala O" ("Our Beloved Country"] The people of Madagascar are called the Malagasy

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This is an ariary

National flag

This is Madacascars coat of arms

The women's and men's tradional cothing are called:Lamba

The people of Madagascar enjoy playing many sports, six of which form the core of the country's school- and amateur team-based competitive system: football (soccer), boxing, athletics (track and field), judo, women's basketball, and women's tennis.

Romazava is considered the national dish of Madagascar, and each family makes their own version. It is a one-pot dish, usually eaten with rice for lunch or dinner. The basic ingredients are beef, pork and chicken cut into equal-size cubes, chopped onions, tomatoes, spinach and crushed garlic.

that is madagascar

Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve is located close to the western coast of Madagascar. This 666 square kilometer region has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990 because of its unique, breathtaking geography, preserved mangrove forests, and wild bird and lemur populations.

Off Africa's southeast coast in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is the world's fourth largest island after Greenland. A stunning diversity of plant and animal species found nowhere else evolved after the island broke away from the African continent 165 million years ago.

Did you know that it takes five flights to get to Madagascar and it takes 18 hours and 31 minutes.


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