Macro/ Micro Nutrients

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Macro/ Micro Nutrients

Macro Nutrients

Macro and Micro Nutrients

2. ProteinHelps to regulate, build, and fix body tissue, muscles, and organs. Beans, pork, eggs, and chicken are high in protein

1. CarbohydratesCarbs make the energry in your body. Foods in the grains group are high in carbs

3. Fats Saturated or unsaturated,they have important roles as parts of cell membranes and as signaling molecules. Foods high in fats are eggs, and oils.

Vitamin CHelps blood vessel walls as well as maintains collagen.Citrus fruits, peppers, and cabbage are great sources. If you lack vitamin c, you may experience weakness and possibly scurvy.

FolateHelps produce normal blood cells. Found in rice, pasta, bread, and oranges. Deficiences can cause anemia

CalciumBuilds strong bones and teeth. Helps heart muscles function properly. Dairy products sre full of calcium. A lack can cause weak bones.

BiotinBreaks down fats, carbs, and protein. Found in chicken, eggs, milk, and fruits. A lack will cause fatigue.

Micro Nutrients

Pantothenic AcidCoenzyme A found in yeast, eggs, bran, rice germ, wheat,and milk. A lack will cause irritability.

Vitamin KHelps liver make prothrombin. A lack can cause hemorrhaging and excesses lead to toxicity. Found in leafy green veggies.

Vitamin B12Promotes normal growth and helps cells function in bone marrow. Found in animal protein food. Deficiencies cause apathy and can be fatal.

Vitamin B6Helps nerve tissue function. Found in whole grains and muscle meats. A lack can cause seizures.


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