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Macro v. Micro


Fats~ These can be found in things such as nuts and oil. Fats should be consumed as 20-30% of our daily intake. It is also important to eat healthy fats such as nuts instead of unhealthy fats like fried potatoes.

Proteins~ Although these are found primarily in meats, they can also be consumed through foods such as eggs and beans. Protiens help keep us full longer, so they are an important part of our diet. It is healthiest to consume them as 10-35% of our daily intake.

Carbs~ These are important to consume because they play such a major role in providing our energy. However, too much can cause weight gain, therfore you should make half your grains whole and consume this macronutrient in a 45-65% ratio.


Vitamin A~ Helps eyes adjust to darkness, promotes normal growth and healthy tissues.

Vitamin D~ Promotes healthy bones and bone growth.

Vitamin E~ Protects cells from O2

Vitamin K~ Helps blood to properly clot by helping the liver to produce prothrombin.

Vitamin C~ Aids in healing wounds, fights infection, etc.

Vitamin B6~ Helps nerve tissues function correctly, helps to regenerate red blood cells, etc.

Vitamin B12~ promotes normal growth, helps cells in intestines, bones and nervous system to function properly, etc.

Micro (Continued):

Biotin: Helps breakdown fats, carbs, and proteins and acts as an essential part of several enzymes.


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