Mackinac Island

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Mackinac Island

Mackinac IslandBy Reya Dila

Mayor:Margaret DoudPopulation:492County:Mackinac countyCoordinates: 45.86611 N, 84.63056 W

Nautral Resources:1} Lake Huron2} Caves3} More than 80% of the island is preserved for Mackinac Island State ParkYear Established: 1700`sHistorical Events:1} When Britain took over Mackinac island they named it fort Michimakinak2} A famous boat race from Chicago to Mackinac island was managed by the Yatch Club { a sail boat club } Important people:1} John Penn 2} William Beaumont3} Michael Dousman

Location:The island is loacated in lake huron, at the eastern end of the straits of mackinac, between the upper peninsula and the lower peninsula.Known for: mackinac island is known for their fudge, and not having cars

Activities:1} You can go to Kilwins a famous fudge store in Mackinac Island. I like to go there because their fudge is good and I love their turtles {chocolate turtles}.2} You can go biking on the streets because you can`t have cars on Mackinac Island. But I will lend you a horse and buggie for a buck!Fun Facts1} The French gave the British the power of controling the island.2} There were two wars at the Mackinac Island fort.Why I chose this city I chose this city because I have been there before, and I am going to the U.P. this summer. Did you know?1} You can`t ride snow mobiles on the island in the winter2} Most people take the ferry to get across the island. Air transport is also allowed in the winter. You can ride a snowmobile to get there.3} The Movie "Somewhere in Time" was filmed at the Grand Hotel.


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