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This picture is of Stalin a very brutal and mean Russian leader. Stalin reminds me of Macbeth because of how brutal they both are. Macbeth says "Death of thy soul! Those linen cheeks of thine are counsellars to fear."(V.III.441). This scene was showing Macbeth being truly brutal with his words and actions.For my second person I decided to use Lady Macbeth and M off of 007. Lady Macbeth is very serious and dominate over Macbeth at times in the play. M is the same way towards James Bond and her other agent. M is very aggressive and direct with them but from time to time has sympathy as Lady Macbeth would. Lady Macbeth would show her domiance by saying this such as "Was the hope drunk wherein you dressed yourself?"(I.VII.418). M would do the same style of verbal abuse to her agents if she needed them to do something.

Macbeth in a sense acted as Hitler did when he was the ruler of Germany. Macbeth would let no one stand in his way just how Hitler did. Macbeth showed his power by dominating anyone he pleased this also brought out a more insane side of Macbeth. Hitler would do the exact same if he felt someone was a threat he would elminate them. Hitler would even go as far as killing his top scientis or generals if he felt they were a threat. Macbeth felt untouchable and that nothing could hurt him he was the all mighty king. Hitler felt this way as well which is why he did such radical acts. Hitler looked at it as he would rule the world and dominate.

Song "deception"

Mrs. Mahoney is the coolest, best teacher in the world!

I picked the song Deception by the monophonics for a relation to macbeth. The song talks about deceving the truth and how someone has been lying in his bed. Kind of how Duncan was lying in bed when Macbeth killed him in a sense it was Macbeth taking Duncans spot. Macbeth said"When we have marked with blood those sleepy to"(I.VII.418) showing more deception by framing the guards. Macbeth also in a sense is deceving everyone as being this trust worthy guy that gained the throne. But he created deception and really killed his way to the throne.

Setting from play

I picked the castle as one of my favorite settings in the play. tons of action goes on in it. From Duncan getting murdered to Macbeth seeing a ghost of Banquo tons goes on. But an extremely improtant scene is when the third apparition says " Great Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane Hill shall come against him"(IV.I.432). This quote shows foreshadowing on how Macbeth is going to die.


Macbeth Glogster

Macbeth vs Hitler

Scene Clip ' Favorite scene

Character Connection

I used the end fight scene in Macbeth for my video and my summary on my favorite scenes. In this clip Malcom and Macbeth are fighting toe to toe for ruler of scotland. Macbeth states while in the fight "Wood be come to dunsinane, and thou opposed, being of no woman born,"(V.VIII.446). This is Macbeth saying no man or woman born can kill me but Malcom was technically not born because he was born through a caesarean section. This Macbeth finally realizes once Mlacom is over top of Macbeth with his sword and ends up killing him. After the battle Malcom is crowned the King of Scotland. This scene truly shows the old saying no matter who you are someone will always be there to clip your wings. This scene also contains a sad side to it such as when Malcom says "Macduff is missing, andyour noble son"(V.VIII.447). A sad battle scene is always good and can be a tear jerker from time to time. When Ross said "Your son, my lord, has paid a soilder's debt."(V.VIII.447) it really hit me hard. It was so hard for me to hear this talk between Ross and Malcom I could feel the tears coming on. In my head I could hear the two strong souled men talking about the valiant son.

A theme I picked for Macbeth was death from how frequent it happens in this play. From the king being murder plus his guard to lady macbeth killing her self. These are just some of the many deaths that had happened in this play. At one point Macbeth says "No teeth for the present. Get thee gone"(III.IV.427) in this scene he is telling murderers to kill a kid. The killing is so wide ranged from suicide to a chopping of the head it is all very present.

The symbol I picked was one that the second apparition had given us. It had said "The power of man, for none of woman born shall harm Macbeth"(IV.I.431)letting us think a man or woman can not kill Macbeth. But this shows foreshadowing that a man born through a C-section could kill Macbeth. If a C-section is preformed it is not a true birth. Later on in the play we learn Malcom had been born through a C-section. Fast forward to the end of the play and Malcom ends up killing Macbeth proving this theory on foreshadowing.


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