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Answer I believe this portion of the play is considered the turning point because:-Macbeths growing irrationality is showcased in a way that it is not previously presented in the play.-Marks a turning point in Macbeths success because up to this point his murders and lies were undetected and free of suspicion. Some people may have linked Macbeth's bizarre actions towards Banquo's ghost to the recent murders.-The banquet Macbeth hosted was very important because it gave him a chance to prove he was capable of being king; however, he proved the opposite. He lost peoples respect and admiration resulting in his tyrant like behaviour.

Literary elements

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+Shakespeare's use of similes both intrigues the reader and adds meaning to the characters lines. +In the passage Macbeth states "Can such things be, and overcome us like a summer's cloud, without our special wonder?" (3.4.135-137). +This compares Macbeth's ghost sightings to an unexpected cloud in a summer sky. Both are unwanted and astonishing, meaning Macbeth is surprised that no one else is having he same reaction to the ghost that he is having.

+Dramatic irony is fundamental to the scene because it allows the audience to see both Macbeth and his companies' point of view, adding to Macbeths' growing insanity.+Through out the passage the audience is aware that Macbeth is the only person in the room that can see the ghost yet Macbeth believes that everyone can see the ghost and he is overwhelmed that they are not having the same reactions he is having.+ "You make me strange even to the disposition that I owe, When now I think you can behold such sights, And keep the natural ruby of your cheeks, when mine is blanched with fear" (3.4.137-141)

+Repetition is used to highlight Macbeth's conviction that Banquo's ghost being present in the room.+"Prithee, see there! Behold! Look! Lo!" (3.5.82-82)+The repetition of exclamation points shows Macbeth's shock towards Banquo's ghost as well as the damaging effects the murders have had on him.

Question:"Many consider act 3 scene 4 to be the turning point in the play, explain why this could be considered true"



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