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* Considered greatest playwright in history.*Born in Stratford-upon-Avon in England*Left school at 13 because of family finances*Married Anne Hathaway at 18*Actor in London*1594 joined Lord Chamberlain's Men* Part-owned Globe Theater*Wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets

Wordly Influence

Globe Theater

Macbeth Teaser

*Shakespeare based drama on King Duncan I of Scotland, who had a son Malcolm III.*Duncan became king at 17, young and weak, and seen as a terrible leader. *Many believed his cousin, Macbeth, should have claimed throne through his mother, causing fight in family* Duncan was killed in battle by Macbeth*Macbeth reigned for 17 years, and was powerful and strong*Malcom wanted revenge against Macbeth for killing his father...

Witches, Superstitions and Ghosts*People looked to supernatural to explain the unexplainable*People in this time believed in bad luck*Ghosts believed to be real or figment of imagination

Shakespeare's Language* Early Modern English*Vocab of 29,000 words*Created some say over 1,700 words *Spoke in clever way and strange order



Macbeth Renaissance Background DI

Based on a true story

William Shakespeare

*Drama was created to be performed* Groundlings, balconies, ROWDY theater goers*Globe theater- large and elegant*No scenery, Props, no lighting*Male actors played roles of women



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