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Macbeth Timeline

TheTimeline ofMacbeth- Act 1 through 5 -

ACT 2Scenes 1-2

ACT 1Scenes 1-4

ACT 5Scenes 1-4

ACT 3Scenes 5-6

ACT 4 Scenes 1-2

ACT 1Scenes 5-7

ACT 2Scenes 3-4

ACT 3Scenes 1-4

ACT 4Scene 3

ACT 5Scenes 5-8

In these scenes, the witches gather to plan a meeting to proclaim Macbeth's fate in becoming king. Meanwhile, King Duncan is oblivious, as he proudly respects and honors Macbeth's bravery in the previous battle he was in.

Macbeth listens to the witches prediction, and now he is intrigued by the idea of becoming king. He writes a letter to Lady Macbeth explaining his intentions to kill King Duncan in order to become king. However, Lady Macbeth feels he is not as strong or courageous enough to commit the murder. Lady Macbeth proudly takes control of the plan.

Macbeth starts to hallucinate over the possibility of having a bad outcome with murdering King Duncan. Yet he embraces the evil and made his decision to go through with the plan.

The murder has been commited. In these scenes, "the bell rings" is a common theme, symbolizing the decision has been made and there is no going back.

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth start to realize what they have done and it begins to haunt them. They cannot eat or sleep and they become paranoid. Macbeth decides to hire 3 murderers to kill Banquo, thinking he can no longer trust him. Banquo is killed, but his son Fleance gets away.

The witches meet Hecate, who is angry with them for ultimately causing Macbeth to murder King Duncan. Meanwhile, Macbeth's mental state is only getting worse and Lennox thinks he is acting different and suspicious.

Macbeth starts to hallucinate and thinks he sees Banquo's ghost. Macduff and Lennox try to avenge the situation, along with Malcolm. The witches meet again, casting a spell. This is the turning point of the play.

Macbeth sees three apparitions from the witches. The 1st apparition is to beware of Macduff; the 2nd apparition is no one born from a woman shall harm Macbeth. The 3rd apparition is unless the Birnam wood moves, Macbeth will be safe.

The doctor sees Lady Macbeth and diagnoses that she has gone crazy. Macbeth asks for a cure, but the doctor says there is none. Shortly after, Lady Macbeth dies. Macbeth is accepting and calm about this.

Macduff and his army of thanes hide behind trees, focusing on ending Macbeth once and for all. Macbeth gets the news that the birnam woods finally moves, and knows what his fate is. He accepts this and said he wants to die in an honored way. Macduff kills him, avenging his family, and Malcolm becomes king of Scotland.

"Fair is foul, and foul is fair"

"Is this a dagger which I see before me, The handle toward my hand?"

"What's done is done."

"By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes."

"All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand."


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