[2015] Carter Pierce: Macbeth Project

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[2015] Carter Pierce: Macbeth Project

The theme of Macbeth is how unchecked ambition can turn a person into a terrible person. In this case unchecked ambition turned Macbeth into a tyrant. "Great tyranny! lay thou thy basis sure,/ For goodness dare not check thee." ( Act 4, Scene 3)

This portrays the setting because of the castle with the fog that portrays a kinda bad type of mood. "Be 't their comfort/ We are coming thither. Gracious England hath/ Lent us good Siward and ten thousand men/..." (Act 4, Scene 3)



Theme of Macbeth


These represent Malcom, Macduuff, and Macbeth. The reason why I chose the top picture is because it represents how someone is standing up to a bigger power like Malcom and Macduff did with Macbeth. The reason why I chose the bottom picture is because this represents what Macbeth was like as a leader. "I will not yeild/ To kiss the ground before young Malcom's feet/ And to be baited with the rabble's curse." ( Act 5, scene 8)

This is a symbol of Macbeth because it shows how at the beginning Macbeth was a nice guy and a hero but then turned bad a wanted power. "You shall be king/ And Thane of Cawdor too.../" (Act 1, Scene 3)

Symbol of Macbeth

The reason why I chose this clip is because it shows a character who use to be good go towards the evil side and betrays and kills the people close to him and anyone else who gets in his way. "Thou was born of women./ But swords I smile at, wepons laugh to scorn/ Brandished by man that's of a woman born" (Act 5, Scene 7)

The reason why I chose this song is because it like about the last stand like when Macbeth and Macduff are fighting. "And thou opposed, being of no women born/ Yet I will try the last." (Act 5, Scene 8)

The reason why Sir Patrick Stewert as my real life example is because he did a great Macbeth in the PBS version of Macbeth. He can show emotions of a tyrant like Macbeth.


My favorite scene is the last scene because justice is finally served on Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. "Of this dead butcher and his fiend-like Queen/ Who, as 'tis thought. by self and violent hands/ Took off her life; this, and what needful else/ That calls upon us, by the grace of Grace" (Act 5, Scene 8). This is also when Macduff and Macbeth fight and Justice is brought upon Macbeth "Hail, King! for so thou art. Behold where/ stands/ the usurper's cursed head. The time is free" (Act 5, Scene 8)

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