[2013] Ashley Trickett: Macbeth in The DarkNight

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[2013] Ashley Trickett: Macbeth in The DarkNight

I used G-Dragons Coup Deat as my song because it is about a man slowly losing his mind because he is breaking and losing all of his morals.

Macbeth and The Joker share many similarites. The both slowly proggress to madness and convince others to "Get thee gone"(III.iii.427).

Blood keeps many characters in Macbeth quiet and show up over and over again as a motif. Lady Macbeth says "Here's the smell of blood still."(V.1.440) as just on of many examples of this.

"Look Like the innocent flower,but be the serpent under 't."(I.v.416)

Macbeth from Shakespheres Macbeth and The Joker from Batman have many similarites. They both crave power and are willing to kill to get that power. The Joker wants to control gotham so he tries to get ride of Batman and Macbeth wants to be king so he kill Duncan. They both also slowly lose there minds throughout their own stories. The Joker is alot more obvious with his insanity then Macbeth yet both are insane due to lust for power. Macbeth and Joker also have given up their morals from the begining. Instead of living by morals both men begin to live and act only on personal ambitions. If Macduff and Malcom were wearing capes and tights, Macbeth would be The Joker.

The Character of Harley Quinn represent Lady Macbeth with her encourgment of murder and destruction. Lady Macbeth saying "But screw your courage to the sticking place"(I.vii.418) is very similar to how Harley would speak to Joker.

From the begining when the first witch says "All hail, Macbeth! Hail to thee, Thane of Glamis." (I.iii.412)fate has been a main theme.The character Two-Face Strongly belives in fate and uses a coin to decide to or not to kill his victims.

In this Scene Joker is convinces those around him to be paroniod and that "The Batman" needs killed.


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