Macbeth - Act 3

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Macbeth - Act 3

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Forres and Banquo are at Macbeths and they both feel some type of away about Macbeth but then the new king and his Queen walk in. Macbeth sweet talks Banquo, calling him his honored guest and askig him to be at his requesting his banquet to be held that night. Banquo then says he cant go but he says that he is so sorry. Macbeth finds out that he will be somewhere else before dinner.Then Macbeth oh-so-casually asks what Banquo will be up to, and finds out that he'll be riding off somewhere before dinner. Macbeth then goes on about Malcolm and Donalbain and how they fled in such a hurry. He tries to put the blame on Duncans own sons. Macbeth asks Banquo if his son Fleance will be going with him and of course he is so Macbeth tells him goodbye. Macbeth then has a servant call in the men he has waiting at the gate. Macbeth then babbles on about having to kill his best friend. Macbeth is worried about Banquo's noble nature, and wisdom. Macbeth figures that he'll have sold his soul to the devil only for Banquo's kids to take his crown. He wants fate to wrestle with him and hes not going down so easily. The two men at the gate are brought in, and Macbeth orders them to kill Banquo and his son while they are gone. Macbeth tells the men that Banquo is the enemy. Macbeth says that no turn-the-other-cheek Christianity is necessary here.The murderers respond by saying that they are only "men," and then Macbeth says that they're not real men if they're not brave enough to murder a man for their own good.

Act 3


Scene 1

Scene 2Lady Macbeth calls in Macbeth so they can talk. Lady Macbeth tries yo encourage her husband by saying. "what's done is done." Macbeth points out they've merely scorched the snake, not killed it.Macbeth states how he is like Duncan dead but Macbeth has to move on cause hes the one still living.Macbeth says to Lady Macbeth go say a lot of nice things about Banquo since he will not be going to the party. As Banquo and Fleance live, his mind is full of scorpions. But Lady Macbeth says that everyone dies and it wouldnt make a difference if Macbeth kills them. In one of her less astute moments. But he doesnt wat to tell Lady Macbeth his plan he just wants her to be looked upon as the innocent Queen. Macbeth goes out saying that he is fine with what the black agents want to do at night.

Scene 3At a park near the palace the three men have met. Banquo and Fleance are near the horseback to leave then Banquo is stabbed he tries to fight back and tells Fleance to run away and eventually take revenge. Fleance escapes and Banquo is now dead and the men go to tell Macbeth what has happened.

Scene 4

Macbeth is at the party welcoming everyone while the men show up just when everyone is being seated. Macbeth goes to one of the men and he tells him about what happened. Banquo's ghost show s up. Macbeth raises his cup to acknowledge Banquos absence. Macbeth starts to have a fit because of Banquos ghost and then Lady Macbeth takes him into a corner. Lady Macbeth questions Macbeths manhood because hes acting like a kid. He is the only one that sees Banquos ghost. Macbeth then starts screaming at the ghost. Ansd if it appeared again in any form Macbeth's nerves would not tremble. The party is over now andLady Macbeth tells the now very worried lords to leave. Macbeth realizes that Macduff never showed to the party. He says that he has a spy in Macduff's house. He promises to go to the witches the next day, and announces that he's in so deep a river of blood, it would be as hard to go back as to cross. Lady Macbeth says to him that he needs a good night sleep.


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