Macbeth - Act 2

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Macbeth - Act 2

Scene 3The porter hears someone knocking on the door is drunk and making ruckus. And it's Macduff and Lennox, who have come to get the king. Macbeth then comes in and starts to talk with Lennox and sends Macduff to wake up Duncan. Lennox says that there was a small earthquake and the fire chimney blew out and that he heard screams. Macduff has just found the body of Duncan. Lady Macbeth comes to see what is going on. But the Macbeth now starts to recall all of the Kings good virtues. Lennox thinks that the drunken guards covered in the King's blood and holding their daggers killed the king.Macbeth goes on to say that he killed the kings guards out of rage and love towards the King. Lady Macbeth tries to get Macbeth out of this mess so she faints to put the attention on something else. Donalbain and Malcolm talk about getting out of the house so they wont be next on the agenda , Malcolm will go to England and Donalbain to Ireland.

Scene 1Banquo and his son, Fleance, are at Macbeth's inner court at Glamis. Macbeth then enters with a servant, and Banquo states that the new Thane of Cawdor should be resting today because of the news that he recieved. They go back to when they were talking to those weird witches. Macbeth is alone and this where he sees a dagger that points him to Duncans room. The bell rings, which is Lady Macbeth's signal to go ahead with the plan.

Scene 2Lady Macbeth has gone through with the plan and has drugged the King's guards and she would've killed the king if it werent for him looking like her father when he's sleeping. Macbeth then comes in with the daggered and with his hands covered with blood. He says that he also had to kill the guards because they had woken up and they were praying but Macbeth tried to say "Amen" but he couldn't He starts to lose it a bit but Lady Macbeth says to not think about it and it will go away. She takes the dagger from since he still cant process what he has done. She plants the dagger on the guards and she has Macbeth cleaned up and put him to sleep.


Scene 4

Ross talks with an old man who was disturbed by what happened the other night.Ross says the heavens are troubled by the unnatural events. Duncan's horses ate each other. An owl murdered a hawk. Macduff comes and says that the guards were bribed to murder the king. And it makes Malcolm and Donalbain look suspicious since they seemed to have left with a hurry. Macbeth is now on the vurge of being crowned King.


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