Macbeth - Act 1, Scenes 5 - 7

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Macbeth - Act 1, Scenes 5 - 7

Macbeth Act 1 Scenes 5-7

Scene 6Duncan, his sons, Banquo, and Duncans meb arrive at Glamis Castle, they compliment Lady Macbeth, their "honoured hostess," for her hospitality. Duncan tells Lady Macbeth how gracious of a host she is. While lady Mcbeth tells him that it is a pleasure. Lady Macbeth finally takes the king to see her husband.

Scene 5Macbeths wife reads a letter from Macbeth. He tells her about the weird witches prophecy and how so far they have ened up true. But as she feels Macbeths excitment she fears for him that his desires will end up him killing the king. She says, is "too full o'th' milk of human kindness" and isn't quite wicked enough to murder Duncan. And Lady Macbeth wont let that happen. A messenger comes to tell Lady Macbeth that the King will be a guest in her home. However Lady Macbeth fears that it will be his last night on earth. Lady Macbeth calls on spirits to stop her menstrual flow and change her breast milk for poison. When Macbeth enetrs Lady Macbeth tells him that King Duncan will bespending the night, however he will die by tomorrow.

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Scene 7 Macbeth thinks about murdering King Duncan or if he were to be killed. He thinks that killing him with no consequences would be great howver he knows that if he kills him in his own home he would already be a suspect it would be a big issue. God would frown upon Macbeth for killing the King in vain. Macbeth sticks to him not killing the king because it would just be chaos. He has no justifiable cause to kill the king and he admits that he's ambitious. Lady Macbeth coms into the picture and has the pants on and comes up with a plan to kill the king which is to get Duncan's guards drunk and frame them for the murder. She basically calls him a chicken if he doesnt do it. Lady Macbeths authority makes Macbeth second guess himself and actually goes through with the plan


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