Macbeth - Act 1, Scenes 1 - 4

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Macbeth - Act 1, Scenes 1 - 4

MACBETHBy: shakespeare

in scene 1 three witches meet.they discuss when they'll meet again, they plan to meet with Macbeth and they go on chantig "Fair is foul and foul is fair. Graymalki - Familiar is an attendant spirit serving her in the form of a cat. The other is a toad

scene 1

Scene 3

The three witches meet again andtry to catch up with what they've been doing.The witches dance in a circle to wind up a charm as Macbeth and Banquo arrive.Banquo notices the witches and he sees that they have beards. Macbeth tells them to speak, and they tell him that he will be Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, and future King. Banquo notices that Macbeth seems to be in a trance like state.Banquo asks if the witches will look into his future too they say that he'll be lesser and greater than Macbeth, and not too happy, but happier than Macbeth. And he'll be father to kings, though he will not be a king himself. Macbeth says he's already the Thane of Glamis but he says how can he be Thane of Cawdor if the one Thane of Cawdor is still living.He demands to know where the witches got their information. The witches dont say anthing instead hey just vanish. Ross and Angus, two noblemen sent by Duncan show up to tell Macbeth the news and that he's the new Thane of Cawdor. Macbeth now sees that the witches prophecy was tue but he doesnt knoe if it is something evil since it became true. Macbeth starts to think about killing the king and starts to feel panicky.Macbeth states that he will leave everything to chance. And if chance wants him to be king, then he will be king if not so be it.

Scene 2

Duncan who is the king of Scottland,and his two sons Malcolm and Donalbain, and Lennox one of Duncans nobleman were hanging out. All of Duncan's forces have been busy fighting against the King of Norway and the traitor, Macdonwald.The Captain who comes back wonded says that the battle was going bad for them until Macbeth came and fought with them. And the result of him coming into the fight is him killing Macdonwald.The Norwegian Lord did not think it was over so he brought new men to the field.The Thane of Ross arrives.Duncan wants Thane of Cawdor excuted, and when that happens Macbeth will have his title.

Duncan wants to know if the Thane of Cawdor is dead. And he is and before he died he confessed of being a traitor.Macbeth, Ross, and Angus then meet the King. The King is grateful and pleased with Macbeth and both men pledge their loyalty.The King announces that his son Malcolm will be named Prince of Cumberland.They'll all celebrate the good news.Macbeth trots off, thinking that Malcolm is all that stands in the way of his kingship.

Scene 4


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