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Macau is mostly Chinese. However, Portugal had a permanent military station in Macau. Due to this, much of Macau's culture is a blend of Chinese and Portuguese traditions. Macau's gambling houses are famous across Asia.

Macau's hills have large amounts of granite extracted for use as building material. Macau suffers from a lack of fresh water. People of Macau look to the sea for livelihood. Minerals, petroleum and hydropower are also of commercial importance.

Macau has many gardens in its wildife. Macau isn't very rich in vegetation due to increased urbanization. Macau's animal life isn't very diverse due to the lack of habitats. Crocodiles are commonly found in Macau.


Macau was ruled by the Portuguese for 442 years since 1887. Macau's most famous and popular local snack is Portuguese egg tarts. 95% of the total population of Macau is Chinese. The climate of Macau is subtropical and humid.



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ReligionMacau is represented by Chinese folk religions and Buddhism. 49% of people follow folk worship, 11% are Buddhists, and 3% are Christians. The people of Macau are free to participate in religious activities and to preach as they wish. Buddhism has greatly shaped Macau's culture.

GovernmentThe person responsible for the administration of Macau is the Chief Executive. The people that decide the affairs of the government are the Secretariates. The current Chief Executive is Fernando Chui Sai On. Alexis Tam Chon Weng is the spokesperson for the country.

Macau does not have a capital because it is a region of China

Macau is located on the southern coast of China. Macau is situated 60km west of Hong Kong. Macau is also situated 145km southwest of Guangzhou. Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province.


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