Macarons at Midnight

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Macarons at Midnight


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Macarons at Midnight By: Suzanne Nelson

Jake Short as Kyan Kyan met Elise at the Valentines Day party at school and started to become friends there. They talk about all of the troubles and they talk it out. When Raj takes out Vivian (trying to be Elise) Kyan and Elise follow along to see what they are doing so nothing goes wrong with Elise and Raj when the real Elise tells Raj the truth.

Rowan Blanchard as Elise Santos We meet Elise as an Eighth grade girl who just moved, with her dad, stpe-mother, and step-sister. She feels like she does't belong so she left a party and suddenly she is in a cafe called "Swoonful of Sugar" and met one of the sweetest boys she has ever met before in her life until it was interrupted by her dad and she never got to see him again until she knew that they go to school together! Will she confess her love to him?

Zendaya Coleman as Vivian Vivian met Elise when she ripped her dress at her party. At school she said that she was sorry and she told Elise that she would do anything to make it up to her. Elise made her be her because she was too scared to tell him because Raj expected a lot more from her dream girl than just Elise. Vivian would always tell Elise what is going on and what Raj would do next.

Bradley Steven Perry as Raj Raj met Elise at a small cafe "Swoonful of Sugar" and Raj fell in love until her dad interupted and he could not find out who she was or her name. He looked everywhere and found his princess sort of. Raj did not know that Vivian was not his love. Raj is a reporter for the school but that is not what he wants to do for a living, he wants to be a artist but his dad wants him to be a reporter instead. He told his dad and now he does art.

Macarons at Midnight Elise Santos just moved to whitman, Massachusettes to live with her dad, step-mother Gail, and step-sister Destry. Elise and Destry went to a Valentines Day party at the school and Elise ran away because she did not care about the party until she found a macaron cafe called "Swoonful of Sugar". She went in and found the boy of her dreams until her dad came and she never got his name. Will she see him again?