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According to their own oral history, the Maasai originated from the lower Nile valley north of Lake Turkana (Northwest Kenya) and began migrating south around the 15th century.Now living in a big area of northern Kenya to what is now central Tanzania between the 17th and late 18th century.Already existing ethinc groups in these areas were either forcibly displaced or integrated in the Maasai, which resulted in the 2 tribes Kalenjin and Samburu to be foundet. In this fusions, the religion stayed at a natural level. God and the nature are responsible for everything and can be influenced by praying

Diet/SurvivalTraitional Food

The Maasai are established as a powerful tribe in north Africa until the end of the 19th Century times before that were just told by mouth and nothing was written down1890 - Rinderpest kills herds1900 - Smallpox devastates tribes1904 - Treaty with Government takes their northern land--> Shows that the country wants to get rid of them

Traditionally, the Maasai diet consisted of raw meat, raw milk, and raw blood from cattle. The Maasai herd goats and sheep, including the Red Maasai sheep, as well as the more prized cattle.


The Language varies in the different tribes. All in all there are at least 30 different accents in the 5 most common languages.Tone is extremely important for conveying correct meaning in the Maasai language.


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The Maasai




Traditional jumping gameThe highest jumper gets a special price.Mostly Food

The modern technoligies have advanced even in the area of the Maasai. Cell phones are in their daily use

The area of the Maasai is in south Kenya and in the upper north of Tansania

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FutureIn the Future the Maasai will lose more and more land and people. But they will propably survive 100 more years

The classic clothing is mostly red. Women war less then men, because they are not equal in the view of the Maasai. Another cultural point is piercings. The make their earlopesreally big

How the Maasai see the Americans.The Maasai see the Americans as advanced. They build tourists cities to get their money. But they think the Americans are respectless with the nature and they should respect it more to calm god again.

How Americans see the Maasai.Americans mostly see the Maasai as people living in the desert and having big animal shields. They mostly don't know anything about it


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