[2015] Carter Minnick: Lyndon B. Johnson

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Politicians and Presidents

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[2015] Carter Minnick: Lyndon B. Johnson

President Lyndon B. Johnson

L.B.J. died of a heart attack on his ranch in Texas in 1973

L.B.J. supported the exploration of space. Three astronauts successfully orbited the moon in 1968.

In 1964 Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act

L.B.J. cared about improving America

L.B.J.The 36th President of the U.S.A.L.B.J was vice president when President Kennedy was assassinated. L.B.J was the first and only President to be sworn in on Air Force One.The number of American troops in Vietnam went from 16,000 to in 1963 to 550,000 in 1968

One of the most important things Johnson did was the war on poverty

L.B.J. did run for a 3rd term but lost.

Lyndon B. Johnson's wife was nicknamed Lady Bird.


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