[2015] Lexi and Kara: Lymphoma

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[2015] Lexi and Kara: Lymphoma


Statistical Data

Signs and Symptoms

1) painless swelling of lymph nodes in armpit, neck, or groin2) persistent fatigue3) fever and chills4) night sweats5) unexplained weight loss6) loss of apetite7) itching8) increased sensitivity to the effects of alcohol, or pain in lymph nodes after drinking alcohol

There is no real way to prevent lymphoma, but it may be triggered by exposure to radiationOther factors that may trigger: weakened immune system (HIV) prolonged use of growth hormonesexposure to environmental poisonscertain bacterial infections like Helicobacter Pylori



Chemotherapy: drug that is ingested or injected to kill cancer cellsRadiation: early stage lymphoma patients usually undergo radiation aloneStem Cell Transplant: replaces the diseased bone marrow with healthy stem cells Medication


Body produces too many abnormal lymphocytes (white blood cells)Lymphocytes do not die like they normally do, but continue to grow and divideSwelling in lymph nodesCan occur in B or T cells


80% will survive for a year or more after diagnosisAlmost 65% will survive for 10 yearsMore common in males than femalesRisk increases as you ageThe 8th most common cause of cancer death in women in the 9th most cause in men


Many other factors may affect a person’s outlook, such as their other health problems, the type of lymphoma, the extent of disease at the time of diagnosis, and the treatment received.Non-Hodgkins has a 5 year survival rate of 72% overall.Hodgkins has survival rates as high as 95% in patients diagnosed before age 45. It is one of the most curable types of cancer


by Lexi and Kara

There are two types of lymphoma. Non-Hodgins and Hodgkins. Hodgkins can be identified by examining cancer cells for the presence of the Reed-Sternberg cell


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