Lymphatic/immune system

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Lymphatic/immune system

SUMMARYYou may know the lymphatic system by another name, the immune system. You may have heard both of these words before, but what you may not have realized is that they are the same thing. The immune/lymphatic system protects your body from foregin substances that may cause harm to you. The immune/lymphatic system is always active . It keeps your body fluid levels in balance and makes white blood cells. The main purpose is to defend your body and keep it healthy.

Lymphactic/ immune system

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Lymphoid OrgansSpleen-blood filterTonsils- immunes 1st line of defense against ingested or inhaled invadersLymph nodes- Widely throughout the body. Filters and traps forien particles. Packed with white blood cells called lymphocytes and macrophages. Skin-One of the most important parts od the imunne/ lymphatic system because it interacts with enviorment and protects internal organs. Liver- many immunologically active cellsThymus- educates t-cells. T cells protect you against harmful invaders

The lymphatic/immune system works closely with the cardiovascular system because the cardiovascular system moves blood and and carries lymph. The lymphatic/ immune sytem works closely with the respiratory because parts of the respiratory sytem help in defending the body.

Lymphoma- is a cancer of lymph nodes. Occurs when lymphocytes grow uncontrollably. There are many types.Tonsillitis- the swelling of tonsils. Spreads easily. Can be treated by a medical proffesor. Short term lats usually 2 weeks.

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Diseases and disorders of lymphatic/ immune system are normally treated by immunologists, rheumatologist, and infectious diease doctors.

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Step 1: A foregin substance enters your body.Step 2: Your body sends antibodies to kill the substances.Step 3: The substance enters your cell.Step 4: Protoziods are sent to deconstruct the substance.

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1.the more sleep you get the better your immune system functions.2.Autoimmune disease is when your body attacks itself.3. You can be born without an immune system but you will die early

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