Lyme Disease

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Lyme Disease

The disease that I chose is Lyme Disease. I chose Lyme Disease because my family and I love to be in the outdoors and we always go on hikes in the forest. I wanted to learn more about Lyme Disease in case anybody in my family gets Lyme Disease I will now how to prevent it.

The cause of Lyme Disease is a tick bite. Deer ticks live more in the spring and fall. A tick has to be attached for 24 hours to get the disease. Ticks are found in long grass. Some black legged deer ticks carrie lyme disease,and it is caused by the bacturium borrelia burgdorferi which the tick caries.

You may get a circular red rash where you got bit. You may also experience a very bad headache and muscle aches all over the body. A bad fever and numbness in your feet and hands may also happen.

Your organs that are affected when you have Lyme Disease are your nervous system you may get meningitis which is (Meningitis means inflammation of the membrane that covers the brain and spinal cord).Also your joints may get very sore and you might get Athritis. (Athritis is inflammation in the joints)

Over the years the cases of Lyme Disease have mostly increased. 2009 128 cases,2010 132 cases,2011 258 cases, 2012 315 cases,2013 682 cases, 2014 522 cases. That is how many people have this disease in Canada.

You could treat Lyme Disease by taking or going to:You could take antibiotics or go to get needles. Or you can go to to the hospital and put the tick in a zip lock bag and go get the tick tested for Lyme Disease.

The best way to prevent Lyme Disease is to stay away from places with long grass and to also use insect spray.Make sure to check yourself after you have been in the forest or anywhere with long grass.Also you should wear long pants and long sleeves. These are the best ways to prevent Lyme Disease.


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