Lyme disease

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Lyme disease

Symptoms-erythema migrans (Bulls-eye rash)-Bell's palsy (loss of muscle tone in face)-Severe headaches-Arthritis(swelling in the large joints)-Heart palpitations -Shooting pains

BEWAREIf you are...- hiking through brush-living in a forest ares-a kid playing outdoorsMore than 16,000 people in the US get lyme disease every year.

DescriptionThe culprit is a spirochaete (spiral shaped) eubacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi , or better known as Lyme disease. When it attacks, it brands it's victim with a bullseye shaped rash. It always has deer ticks do it's dirty work, so if you can find them, you should be able to find the Lyme disease nearby.


Lyme Disease

Although Lyme Disease will NOT kill you on its own, it will still inflict torture.

Deer Tick


Lyme Disease will first appear as a rash on the victim's skin, but it will also cause pain in the the joints. The bacteria effects every person somewhat differently, but without treatment, it could potentially effect the victims integumentary, skeletal, nervous and/or nervous system.

Lyme disease is extreamly embaressed by his name , because he was named after the town he was first discovered in, so it 's a constant reminder of the first time he was caught.

Lyme Disease tends to hide behind closed doors and let his minions, Deer Ticks, its dirty work. He hides in the siliva of the ticks, so when the ticks bite an animal or human, the Lyme disease gets an open invitation to infect the helpless victim.

The ticks headquarters are always located in forest areas. Avoid them as much as possible! If that's not possible, use insect repellent and remove ticks quickly if they happen to get on you.If you are unlucky and a tick still manages to sink it's teeth into your flesh, it's not to late! There is a cure! You need to be diagnosed quickly and get ahold of antibiotics, and you will be as good as new!

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