Lydia Darragh

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Lydia Darragh

*Lydia Darragh was a spy. *When British soldiers slept in her house they had a meeting about a sneak attack on George Washington's army. *Lydia was suspicious so she hid in a closet in the room they were meeting in.*When they were done she snuck back to her room. *When a Brtish soldier came to her room to tell her they were done she pretended she had been sleeping.

LYDIA DARRAGHBy Caroline Sylvia

Lydia knew she had to tell sombody about the attack that the British had planned. So, on a piece of paper she wrote out what she heard. She then got permmission to travel outside the city for flour, but her real intention was to tell some Patriot soldier about it. Some say she met her distant cousin while she was traveling and gave it to him. Others say she met a calverey officer and gave it to him in a needlebook. No one knows (who is living) what actually happened but we do know she walked through the snow. Lydia Darragh risked a lot for her country.

Lydia was the mother of five children, but others died in infancy.

Lydia was a quaker and a midwife.


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