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Social Studies

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LanguagesLuxembourgish, German, French

The Notre Dame Cathedral


The Climate is...Mild with up to 40 in. of rain.(low=27in.)as low as the mid 30's (January) up to the low 60's (July)

Lat. 49degrees 43'03.49" N (49 degrees)Long. 5 degrees 23'42.81" E (5 degrees)This country is located in Europe, and it is bordered by Belgium, Germany, and France.The population is 539,039 as of January 2013.The capital is Luxembourg (City)


Events or interesting factsAn annual funfair was created by John the Blind in 1340.On May 10th, 1940, Nazi's attacked.On June 26th, 1807, lightning hit a gunpowder wharehouse, and 230 people died.

The Grand Ducal Palace in the old part of luxembourg City.

The food is a combination of Frence and German, it is known for its pastries.When out in public, the people carefully dress, but old wear for at home.They like jazz and folk music.They make pottery, and cast iron plaques.

Their government is a constitutional monarchy with one legislative body. The currency is the Euro. There are mountains,plateaus, forests, valleys, rivers, and rich soils. Some attractions are castle ruins in Olesing, Cinemath eque, the bank museum, and Bock Casemates a fortress.

One of the many castles in Olesing, Luxemburg.

Remains of the fortress of Luxembourg in Luxembourg City

The Alzette river streaming through the old Luxembourg City.


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