Lung Cancer

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Lung Cancer

*Lung cancer starts when adnormal cells grow in the lungs*Lung cancer can possibly start at any part in the lungs and affect any part of the respiratory system.*People usually gets lung cancer around the ages 42 to 53.*Scientific name for lung cancer is bronchogenic carcinomas

*There is many ways to treat lung cancer, treatment ranges from surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and laser treatment.*Surgery can be performed to lessen or remove a tumor*chemotherapy can be used to control cancer growth or relieve symptoms*Internal and external radiation can be used to lessen the symptoms of cancer*Laser treatment is used to get rid of cancer cells using a powerful laser light

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What is it?

Lung cancer usually starts to develop as soon as a person is exposed to carcinogen. 80% of the time its the carcinogen in cigarette smoke that causes lung cancer. Pollution can also be a cause of lung cancer, like diesel or other fossil fuels but scientists aren't really sure. *Lung cancer cannot be transmitted from person to person


Lung CancerA Matter Of Life and BreathBy:Tyler

*There is no vaccinations that you can take to get rid of this disease*but the best way to prevent yourself from getting lung cancer is to never smoke*And try and avoid breathing in harmful substances like air pollution




*Coughing that wont go away or that gets worse *chest pain (constant)*shortness of breath*fatique*Joint aches and bone pain

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