Lunch: Lavish Flatbread Pizza

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Lunch: Lavish Flatbread Pizza

Servings 2: Serving Size: 2 squares Calories: 191.8Fat. 4.7 g.Protein: 12.2 g.Carbs: 23.9 g.Fiber: 1.4 g.Sugar: 1.4 g.Ingredients: 9X12' lavish flatbreadPam Spray3 tbsp. marinara sauce2 oz. reduced fat shredded mozzarella cheesepinch of dried oregano2 tbsp. fresh basilA pineapple


Lavish Flatbread Pizza


1) First, preheat oven to 450 degrees. If you have a pizza stone, heat it as well.2) Spray lavish ligtly with Pam Spray then top with sauce. Too much sauce with make the bread sauggy so don't over do it.3)Top with cheese and oregano, then bake till the cheese melts, about 5 minutes4) Remove from the oven and cut into 4 pieces. Top with fresh basil, pineapples and eat immediately.

1st step result:

2nd Step result:

*make sure to only grab one pizza out of the oven at a time. To prevent from scrapping a layer of the pizza off.


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