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Purpose of Invention:LumoGlow allows users to light their homes without using electricity which is costly and not enviornmentally friendly. The solution is made of entirely natural ingredients, and will not be harmful to the enviornment after disposal. Customers will be able to put the liquid solution into recyclable jars, bottles, etc. that they already have, and the solution will be packaged for sale in bottles made of recyclable materials. The bottles will also be refillable, to limit waste. By using this product, customers will decrease their ecological footprint as it will replace electriclal energy for lighting purposes. Luciferase, magnesium, and ATP will be extracted from a population of fireflies, and will be packaged into recyclable plastic bottles, then, when users dispense the solution into clear containers, the solution will combine with oxygen in the air and will glow, producing light. The user will be able to use the solution for an extended period of time, and then will dispose of the solution and bring it to a service station, where the bottle can be refilled and used again. The disposal will not be harmful to the enviornment, because the materials are completely natural.

Customers can enjoy LumoGlow until the supply of ATP, magnesium, or luciferase in the solution is depleted. They can hang jars of the product in homes if desired.

A brand-new eco-friendly way to light your home!

LumoGlowBy: Haley B Hagan

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"Cradle to Grave" Life Cycle

First, fireflies will be collected throughout Barren and Monroe county areas. (The insects will only be ept a short amount of time, no harm will come to them and they will be re-released. They naturally produce the bioluminescent product, so there will be no harm done to the fireflies.

Entomologists will carefully extract the solution from the body of the firefly. Again, no fireflies harmed, these are trained experts.

"LumoGlow" Solution will be sold in service stations in refillable plastic bottles. Customers dispensse the solution into their own containers, such as clear mason jars, bottles, whatever they choose.

Customers will be encouraged to dispose of the product as they want to, other than a direct water supply, because it is a completely natural solution. After disposing, the cutomer may refill the plastic bottle with more LumoGlow, or recylcle the bottle.

Fireflies naturally produce luciferase and ATP and acquire magnesium through the food that they eat. These ingredients combine with oxygen create a glowing effect, which gices the bugs their name "firefly" or "lightning bug." This solution will be extracted from the bugs (harm free) and bottled to be used as "liquid light" for homes, without using costly electricity. This has never been done before! Users can dispense the solution into any type of container for a great aesthetic appeal. This eco-friendly light source will lessen the ecological footprints of many, as it saves lots of electrical energy. More research will be done to allow this product to be produced in a larger volume for even more users.

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