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Lumber can be found all over Canada such as Alberta, Manitoba, British Colombia Etc.

This is an image of Canada, pointing out where lumber products are found.

List of products that can be made from Lumber:-Desks, Doors, Knobs-News Paper, Toilet Paper, Folders, Magazines-Boats/Ships-Fueletc.

This is a picture of where the wood is gathered and ready to be sent out to be manufactured

This raw material provides many jobs for people because Lumber requires many stages/steps suring the process. This gives many Canadians a chance/opportunity to get a job. Some jobs that Lumber may include providing would be wood marker, inspector, treated pole tester,vaneer grader and many more.

In this picture it shows you how Lumber is distributed.

Countries Canada Exports Lumber to:- Domestic- United States- China- South Korea- Europe(Over 100 Countries)

List of companies that extract/process that raw material

- Bc Custom Timber Products- Canadian Pimpl Chip LTD- Delta Cedar Products- EACOM Timber Corporation- Georgia Pacific- Hadia Forest Products LTD

This image displays the end result of raw Lumber and what it can be used for, in this case a house's frame.


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