Lumber Industries

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Lumber Industries

The products that are created from lumber are veneer,plywood,particle board, oriented Strand board, wood pellets and engineered wood.Lumber can also produce residual by-products, wood chips, sawdust and shavings. This also includes wooden chairs, desks, paper, treehouses,wooden instruments,bird houses and many more.

The main companies that process lumber are , Pulp and Paper CanadaCanadian BiomassOperations ForestieresWebinars.

Lumber provides jobs for canadians because of three main forest indusrty subsectors that are Solid wood product manufacturing, Pulp and paper product manufacturing and Forest and logging. These subsectors require jobs such as millwork, field work, producing products that are made out of lumber such as paper, newsprints, tissues.

How Lumber Provides Jobs for Canadians and What Kind of Jobs does it Provide

Lumber such as softwood,derived from conferiuos trees, supplies of the manufacturers in these industries and is cut primarily in British Columbia. In particular Hardwood indusrty is one of the main contributors of lumber exportation. Hard wood consists of (trees,e.g.,birch,maple,oak) are found mainly in southern Ontario,Quebec and the Maritimes. Alberta also being one of the producers of lumber such as aspen and poplar.

Where Lumber Can Be found In Canada

List Of Products That Can Be Made From Lumber


List Of Countries Where Lumber is Exported to


List Of Companies That Process Lumber Material


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