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Main Countries that Lumber Is Exported To:

United StatesChinaJapanEuropeSouth KoreaIndia


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Companies That Extrat/Process Lumber

Acadian Timber CorpBrink Forest ProductsCanadian Overseas Log ' LumberCarrier Lumber Columbia Forest ProductsDownie Timber LtdFortress PaperGorman Bros. Lumber LtdInternational Forest Products Lemire Lumber Company IncMurray Brothers Lumber CompanyNorthland Forest Products LtdResolute Forest ProductsTimberWestUrban Tree SalvageWest Fraser Timber Co. LtdPlease note that these are not all the copanies that extrat/process lumber.

Brief History of Lumber

During the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century, lumber was exported to a fairly small degree. The main function of lumber was for heating, constuction of ships and homes. In the ninteenth century lumber was used by Indians for shelter, trasporation and tools. Britain needed an excessive amount of oak and pine for ship construction during their war with France. As a result many Canadians found jobs shipping lumber to Britain. In the mid nineteenth centuary beams were produced from lumber to construct cities. As time progressed the demand for lumber decreased due to new construction materials such as bricks, iron and steel. When products like paper and pulp became popular, lumber became in demand again. Lumber continues to be one of Canada's biggest exports and play's a key role in the overall economy

Transportation:TrucksBoatsIn the past rivers were used

Products Made From Lumber

DoorsCoat racksFurnitureSnowshoesToothpicksMatch sticksChopsticksShuttersBaseball bats InstrumentsTool handlesToilet plungersRulersBirdhousesFirewoodFishing boatsLaddersHockey sticksDog housesGarage doorsPencilsGolf teesSeesawsCoffinsBrush handlesBarrelsCrutchesDesksKitchen cabinetsStair railsPicnic tablesPopsicle sticksPorch swingsRowboatsTotem polesSleds

Fun Facts

Canada has 396.9 million hectares of forest, other wooded land and other land with tree cover.About 68% of Canada’s forests are coniferous, 16% are mixedwood and 11% are broadleaf.Canada's Forests Account For:10% of the world’s forest cover30% of the world’s boreal forest

The Canadian forest industry provided direct employment for 216,500 people and indirect employment to 350000 people Jobs:Timber Scaling ' MeasuresForest Fire ServicesForest Road ConstructionTimber Falling/CuttingForestry Crew ServicesLogger's Supply/Saw ShopLumberjackChipping/Biomass Recovery

Lumber is mostly found in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. For wood products, lumber is extracted and processed in western Canada. For paper and pulp, lumber is extracted and processed in eastern Canada.


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