Luke whaley and Hunter dymonds navajo indiand

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African-American History

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Luke whaley and Hunter dymonds     navajo indiand

HousingThe indians lived in homes called hogans.They were made of wooden poles,tree bark,and mud.

Navajo Indiansby:HunterandLuke

ClothingThey made clothing from animal fur.If it was hot they would use less fur and if it was cold they would use more fur.

Region They lived in the southwest region.

BleliefsThey had a full time religious leaders with shrines or temple buidlings.

Hunting and FoodThey met farmers and they learned how to plant corn,beans,squash,and mellons.They hunted mammoths untill they were extinct then they hunted buffalo.

ToolsThey used bow and arrows and spears to hunt.They used wooden hoes and rakes for farming.



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