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Luke Kozisek

Cody inThe Wanderer is a protaginist who is guffy, non-serious but can be serious when their lives were at stack.

Cody is a protaginist who makes so many lists and makes sure you follow it no matter what. Some examples are when they are fixing the Wanderer me makes a list of what each person has to do and he doesn't do anything.

Sharon Creech:1. Born in South Ecluid2. Rowdy family helped her write books for example they took a trip tp Idaho and inspired her to write Walk Two Moons.3.Wanted to be an ice skater teacher and many other things but found out she stunk at all of them.

Some of the literary devices used in The Wanderer areIdiom: The sea the sea it rolls and boils.Personification: Getty up getty up car!Onomatopeia: Plop, plop, plop

Bravery: In The Wanderer there is bravery for example when Sophie her 2 cousins and 3 uncles were in the terrible storm it took bravery because if they were not brave they might have died.Searching: Ther was searching in The Wanderer because Uncle dock was searching for Rosalie who was Dock's crush and the rest were searching for Bompie.

Sophie is the main character in The Wanderer and her traits are hard headed, worries, daydreams and has knowledge for example Sophie knows more about sailing than Brian and Cody combined says Uncle Dock.


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