[2018] Brenda Paz (Period 4): Luke Cage- Jovi Martin- P1- 7

by rjohnstone
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[2018] Brenda Paz (Period 4): Luke Cage- Jovi Martin- P1- 7

Luke Cage

Luke Cage or...

Alter ego- Carl Lucas, name was legally changed to Luke CageAliases- Mark Lucas, Hero for Hire, Ace of Spades, Power Man, Mr. Street Tough Black, Power Fist

Superpowers? How?

Luke Cage was a ex-convict imprisoned for a crime he didn't do, he gains his powers of superhuman strength, unbreakable skin, and accelerated healing factor after being subjected voluntarily to an experimental procedure.

Luke Cage Profile

Ethnicity- African-AmericanLove interest- Jessica JonesSuperpowered family- Luke was in an experiment so his family had no superpowers. However in the future his wife (Jessica Jones) had superhuman strength, durability, flight, skilled hand to hand combat, and expert detective skills. Also future daughter (Danielle) had powers.

Luke Cage (Marvel info)

First Appearance in comic prints- Luke Cage first appeared in the comic "Hero for Hire". This comic told about Cage being framed for a crime he didn't commit. Cage was then put in jail and abused as a prisoner by those who warden over him because of his race. Teams & affiliations- Luke Cage was on Avengers, Hero's for Hire, Fantastic Four, Defenders, Marvel Knights, and the Thunderbolts.

Important Story Lines

Age of Ultron- In New York Ultron (a robot) takes over and avengers fight him

Avengers vs X-Men- Blaquesmith (a super villain) tries to take down the Avengers one by one.

Chaos War- Mythological gods & others assemble to stop the Chaos King, who wants to wipe out all of existence

Fear Itself- Superhero's of Marvel Universe fight Serpent (Asgardian fear deity)

Secret Wars ll- Superhero's fight the Beyonder (cosmic entity)

Major Plot Lines

Superhero Ties- Cage tries to collect a fee from Doctor Doom which leads him to befriend the Fantastic FourPowerman & Iron Fist- Cage becomes cleared of criminal charges and changes his name to Lucas Cage, but Cage is blamed for Iron Fist's murderChicago- Iron Fist turns up alive, wanting a new start after Cage's murder charge is dropped Cage abondones his Powerman guise & begins operating out of Chicago as the plain clothed Luke Cage

Luke Cage Marvel


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