Luke and Mick poverty

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Luke and Mick poverty

Poverty in America

Dear God,Please protect all of those who aren't in the safety and comfort of a home. god try to bless them with a job that will give them good pay. Lets some kind people eigther give or lend the people in poverty a shelter to stay in. I pray that no one that is homeless will lose hope in getting one. Try to let them find a warm place, somewhere to stay. Keep them healthy through all of their hard times. Lord let them find comfort with someone or with you. Finally Lord, make sure they will still have faith in you.Amen,r:13,s:0,r:1,s:36,r:12,s:36&tx=127&ty=114

Dear Mr. Barack Obama,I Luke Ellis have been thinking that the United States of America need to care more for those in poverty.The first thing that could be helpful to lower the percentage of poverty is to go straight to you. I was thinking that we could have programs at churches with three meals on most Sundays. The way we could do this is to send churches in the states that have a good amount of people in poverty, or to broadcast this on the news.This is so upsetting to me to see all these children in poverty because their parents don't have a job. That's why you and the rest of the United States should donate money to churches for meals on Sunday.From, Luke Ellis of St. Mary's

PovertyThere are many people in poverty,Please help them win the lottery,If they live in a car,give them a candy bar.But if they live on a street,give them a tasty treat.Gather a bunch,and each give a lunch.Have no fear,hunger will disapear.They will see jesus,through all of us.

"Opening our doors to Christ" relates to poverty in many ways.Example one, opening something is letting someone inside. All those in poverty should be able to come in a shelter to be warm and welcomed. We also should provide food like Jesus did many times. After you give someone like food you will feel good wright? If you do write yes on the space provided . That's how I would think ''Opening our doors to Christ'' relates to poverty.

Our school theme "opening our doors to Christ" relates to helping people in poverty. One reason is that we don't just have to open our doors to the ones that can meet ends meet. We could give money or food to the ones that don't eat three good and cooked meals a day. We as a parish could also donate old shoes and sports equipment around the world to kids that don't have as much.

Luke EllisMick Gormley6C 11/17/11



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