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Luke Acosta

Zeus was one of Cronus the Titan's children. Cronus, had eaten all of Zeus' siblings but eventually Zeus overthrew his father. Doing this he was given the title of Ruler of the Gods. After this Zeus had saved many people, and had many jobs to do, he had saved the cyclops from extinction, defeated the titans, and banished Cronus to Tartarus. The Cyclops in return for Zeus' help they crafted weapons for the three brothers. Zeus was given Lightning Bolts to rein over the Heavens, Poseidon was given a trident to wield across the Seas, and Hades was given a Helm of Invisibility, to move like a shadow among the Underworld.


Age: 0 Zeus fakes deathAge: 14-15 Overthrowing of CronusAge: 230-240 Saving of Cyclops, Banishing of TitanAge: 230-240The Gods get their weapons

1. By defeating his father he became a god2. Saved Cyclops rewarded with weapons3. Created Storms, Rain, and Clouds4. Created Demi-Gods, half mortal, half god5. United all the gods and created the mortals utilities

Lasting Impact

Greeks, still believe that these gods are what created the world they see today,rain is due to Zeus, and so are Storms




Zeus is a video game Character?

Hi,My name is Zeus

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