Luis St. Laurent

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Luis St. Laurent

By: Heather Hansler

St. Laurent was an all family man, with five kids and beautiful wife, his loved ones were extremely important to him

Born: February 1st 1882 Birthplace: Compton, Quebec Died: 1973, at the age of 91

Louis St. Laurent

Some of Louis St. Laurent's impact and decisions....- introduced old age pensions- legislated funds for hospital insurance- created the Royal Commision on Arts, Letters and Sciences

Louis St. Laurent was a Quebec native who was called to office in 1941 by Prime Minister Mackenzie King. St. Laurent became Minister of Justice for the duration of WW II. Later on, he became a party leader and, at the age of 66, won his first election. After winning a total of two elections for the liberals, Canadians thought he was becoming too arrogant. The conservatives took this to their advantage, telling Canadians the St. Laurent was out of touch with the changing country. The next election was won by the conservatives and Louis St. Laurent resigned soon after, on June 20th, 1957.

Canada's 12th Prime Minister

Laurent to the Rescue! During the conscription crisis of world war two, Prime Minister King called on Louis St. Laurent to help convince his fellow French-Canadians to accept conscription when it was needed during the war.


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