Luis Rojas Marcos

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Luis Rojas Marcos

He was a curious, restless and distracted boy, he also had learning problems. He studied in Portaceli school until he was 14, next he moved to El Santo Ángel school because of school problems. In El Santo Angel he improved his academic performance and he get the undergraduate studies. Immediately after graduating from Seville University Medical School (1967), he immigrated to New York City where he completed his residency training in Psychiatry at New York University(NYU) and Bellevue Hospital Center (1972).


Today Marcos Rojas is Professor of Psychiatry at New York University. He is also a member of the Academy of Medicine in the same city, a member of the the American Psychiatric Association (distinguished member for life) and member of the American Academy of Palliative Medicine.

Luis RojasMarcos


He has also published some books, such as

His life at present



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