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Luis Armstrong

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Born on August 4, 1901, Louis Armstrong was a man who revolutionized and became a pioneer of jazz music, bringing his unique vocals and trumpet skills to share worldwide. He died July 6, 1971.

Louis Armstrong


- First African American to host a nationally sponsored radio show (1937)- Fisrt jazz musician to be featured on the cover of TIME magazine- Developed new ways of singing and performing jazz, like singing in his "scat" voice. - First African American Jazz musician to write an autobiography (Swing that Music) (1936)- First African American to get featured billing in a major film (Pennies from Heaven) (1936)

1923: Recorded his first solo, Chimes Blues.1925: Created his own band- "Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five".1929: Recorded Ain't Misbehavin', which introduced the combination of pop music and jazz.1947: Formed a small ensemble, the "All-Stars", to revise the art of jazz.1963: Recorded the single Hello Dolly which became a number one hit that even knocked off the Beatles on top music charts.1968: Recorded What a Wonderful World, his most famous song.

*Created many hit records and songs that surpassed all music, including The Beatles, on top music charts, like What a Wonderful World (1967), Hello Dolly (1964), and La Vie En Rose (1950).

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